North Korean Defectors Tell Shocking Tales

Last month, a YouTube channel Asian Boss had an interview with two North Korean defectors. The interview revealed many shocking facts about North Korea. Although North Korea is widely known for its human rights atrocities, some of the efforts by the international community has been criticized for having been utilized for rather political causes against the North Korean regime. Regardless, this interview offers vivid, first-hand testimonies by the defectors. Here are a few select excerpts from the interview:

  • North Korea experienced extreme famine until the last decade. The situation was so dire that both of the interviewee defectors witnessed a number of people who died out of hunger.
  • There is no fence or a wall on the border between North Korean and China. Both defectors simply walked across the frozen Tumen river in the winter. Of course, the border patrol soldiers are stationed on the border and North Koreans must put their lives at risk in order to escape to China.
  • North Korea regularly conducts public execution of criminals. Any person above age 12 must watch public execution. When the male defector interviewee first watched a public execution, he was only 12 years old. The prisoner was tied to a scaffold before being shot in his head, chest, waist, and knees. The body was picked up in a large bag before being taken away by the soldiers.
  • North Korea is a socialist state, yet the people, in actuality, rely largely upon the market economy. The defectors think the socialist system of North Korea has already failed in offering people what they demand.

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