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Vox Coreana is a news media that purports to reflect unique views and perspectives from the Korean peninsula. Of course, there are a number of existing news media outlets that cover Korean issues. However, we’d like to make a difference by shedding light on the voices of the “insiders” whose lives are deeply connected to the Korean society.

We don’t strive to achieve an A+ journalism, nor aims to be a complete source of local information. Instead, we want to have the unique — or even raw — voices heard by the world. In other words, we will try to stay original.

As our inaugural interview, we had the pleasure of conversing with Chance Dorland of and Travis Hull of Only In Korea. Chance Dorland is the founder of, an internet podcast and music broadcasting platform focusing on the current issues in Korea and music by Korean indie bands. Travis Hull, who is a former founder of, started Only In Korea, the Facebook group that generates and shares satirical stories and viral memes on the Korean society and culture. Chance Dorland and Travis Hull together record and broadcast Only In Korea podcast episodes on a weekly basis.

In this interview, Chance and Travis talked about various topics, including:

– Showry, the internet personality that has gone viral

– Psy’s rise and his legacy as a symbolic K-pop star

– Potential of the K-pop music on the global stage

– Hell Chosun: why the young people in South Korea views their nation as “hell”

– Hell Chosun phenomenon’s relevance to the Occupy Wallstreet movement in the United States

– Korean politics and Korea’s 2017 presidential election

This interview was recorded on January 31st, 2016 in Seoul.


Interview Part 1 of 2


Interview Part 2 of 2

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